Thursday, 4 January 2018

For final arguments in Black Bucks Poaching Case Salman Khan appears in Jodhpur Court.

Super Star Salman Khan appeared in a court today during final arguments in a case against him for poaching two black bucks on 2nd October 1998 in Kankani village. According to his counsel H M Saraswat the accused has to remain present in the court during final arguments and they had been seeking exemption for the actor till now.

"Today, we were present in the court during the final arguments," said Saraswat after Khan appeared before the chief judicial magistrate.

During arguments he appeared little bit emotional at time but remained silent, said by advocates present in court room.

The prosecution counsel had described the spot of alleged poaching citing the statements of witnesses Poonam Chand and Chhoga Ram and the post mortem report.

While submitting his arguments, Saraswat today ran the video recording of the statements of Poonam Chand and drew the attention of the court to the "contradiction" in his statements taken by the investigating officer and the statements given by the witness.
"Videography of the statements of Poonam Chand clearly showed that the official noting the statements had been copying them from a paper lying on the table beside him," argued Khan's counsel Saraswat.

Earlier, the actor had appeared in the district and sessions court on August 4 for filing bail bonds after the state challenged his acquittal in the case under Arms Act by the trial court.